Talele is an iOS jigsaw puzzle game. It allows players to select pictures from their photo library in order to create an infinite number of jigsaw puzzles. Once a picture is selected the user chooses from three levels: Easy (12 pieces), Normal (24 pieces), and Hard (48 pieces).I was inspired to create Talele by my 4 year old son, who said he wanted to play a jigsaw puzzle with family pictures. The name itself is the name of his imaginary friend.

HardHeaded An one-flag-CTF-style game developed during SPJAM 2013 game marathon, Sao Paulo, Brazil, with the main theme "plot twist" and the bonus ones "head" and "yellow". The plot is that both characters are after the golden head and the twist is the once in a while change from a dispute to a cooperation, when the threatening zombie waves come.

Mechabeats An It's a cold, chaotic world, his greatest desire is to find a heart - and to do this, he must face the most inhospitable and terrible place... Now it's time to follow and find your MECHA BEATS! Embark on this metallic journey!

CureZ A third person cute zombie game, you are Zora an interplanetary traveler who was alerted that a zombie virus has been spread among all planets of the galaxy and she is on a mission to cure all living creatures on in infected planets. A prototype game made in unity where the concept is to not kill to zombies but cure them instead.

Video and Over The Top Applications:

The New York Times Apple TV Application I have worked on this as a side project about 3 years as an opportunity to explore and learn about the new Apple TV ecosystem. I built this using Go Lang to provide the API and data that the App built in Swift uses to display our videos

The New York Times Roku Application I have worked on this as a side project about 6 years to learn about the Roku ecosystem

ROKU application for Olympic Games 2012 I have built this while working at Terra Networks in Brazil

Demo of Apps a few major Smart TV’s brands back in 2011I used this video to demonstrate the products we have created in a conference back in brazil called Broadcast and Cable 2011

Pan American Games Guadalajara 2011 - video product experience Working leading the team building the video platform for live and VOD for the Pan American Games which would be used the year after to broadcast the Olimpycs Games 2012

Physical Computing:

Wellness Mirror is a mirror that reads a person’s quantified self data (physical activities, sleep hours, weight…) from Fitbit and translates the data into different colors and patterns of light that illuminates users in front of the mirror. In this way, users can see a person’s vigor and vitality through the reflection of themselves altered by the data. Built in partnership with Maria Paula Saba

Bluetooth speaker circuit This was a prototype to build a portable bluetooth speakers

Open Source Projects:

I have a large number of projects that I have created or contributed, so, please check my Github profile to see them.